Product management and marketing

women are your target market

Women are involved in over 60% of all tech purchases + are early adopters in a number of tech categories.

And yet, tech companies struggle to see things through our lens. From gender biases in product designs to sexist marketing tactics, the lack of diversity in the space is a real issue holding tech companies back.


Artificial Intelligence

more errors when user is a dark-skinned woman.


voice recognition

more accurate when user is male. 


Lack of Diversity

of tech workforce were Hispanic females in 2017.


let's get you focused

We help tech companies design and market digital products that women want to buy.

If you want to succeed you’ll have to start focusing on women not just in theory, but in practice, by making sure her perspective is present throughout the entire product lifecycle. Here are a few ways we'll help you do it. 



Put shape to your users.
From focus groups to in-depth quantitative and qualitative studies, we'll identify exactly who your target audience is so you're sure you're building things from her perspective. 


Create product, go-to-market and marketing plans.
What you're building should have a focus, a purpose and a plan. We'll help you create a strategy (product and go-to-market) that gets you to your goals. 


Product planning and roadmapping.
Expanding on our plans, we'll create a short- and/or long-term roadmap for your tech and non-tech teams.


UX/UI Design

Creating consistent experiences.
We'll help you create consistent and inclusive experiences, whether that be in-person, online or somewhere in between.


Build brand awareness and growth.
We'll help you grow your brand by creating curated campaigns and leading other marketing activities that keep you connected and help you grow. 


Definition and backlog management.
Knowing what to build and when is an important factor for success. We’ll work with your leadership/developers to ensure we’re building the right things at the right time. 

The team’s integrated approach meant, for us, that we had high-impact solutions we could apply immediately. We appreciated the different viewpoints they brought to the table, and we saw very real results from incorporating those.
— Brent Thomson, CO-founder


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