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A multidimensional female perspective

Look around the table. What do you see? A room full of men? All white faces?

Women are responsible for over 85% of consumer purchases, and yet the vast majority of us report feeling misunderstood by marketers.

Why is that? Is it because

  1. there aren’t enough of us represented at the table?
  2. you haven’t considered some of us all?
  3. it’s hard to keep up with our forever changing, and intersectional, identities?
  4. all of the above?

Women are multi-dimensional. We represent a wide spectrum of cultures, ages, races, and sexual orientations, and we all walk different paths. This can make us a complex group to serve, but when we connect we’re incredibly loyal and we tell our friends.

At Tote + Pears, we help marketers and brands bring women into focus by bringing her perspective to the table — whether we’re brought in to keep an eye on your market, assist with market research, consult on a specific cultural campaign, or design a series of events that connect you to her along her journey.

Want to see an example? Check out the lifestyle and events brand, MORE, that we launched in 2016 as a solution to the work/life balance concerns of working mothers — 40% of all breadwinners in the US.

How many more women could you reach if you were focused?




Packages for Companies



Curating content just for her.
Blog posts, Four blog posts (syndicated) per month, Monthly newsletter, Social media content, Four life-hack downloadables , Annual white paper.


Helping working mothers transition back to work. 
Five shared offices. 30 floater seats in MORE Spaces co-working spaces. 30 spaces at MORE Moms group


Hosting family-friendly business events.
Four company-branded public events (Milk. Beer. Wine., date nights and more) per year. Six workshops/webinars per year. Discounted rates to all MORE events and services for employees


Subtitle goes in this space.
Onboarding/new baby welcome packages, Press releases. Logo on MORE website as a supporting sponsor, MORE badge for website


We believe everything starts with family. And when companies help give their employees more of what they need, we can build more successful businesses, more cohesive families and stronger communities.
— Amber Anderson, Tote + Pears CEO


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