For many mothers, entrepreneurship helps channel their professional ambition into something they care about — while preserving energy for the people they care about. The National Women’s Business Council points out that the growth rate of “women-owned businesses is almost four times the rate of men-owned businesses.” Despite the explosive growth of female entrepreneurship, only “1.8 percent of women’s businesses scale successfully past the $1 million revenue mark (versus 6.3 percent for men).” 

Women entrepreneurs are opting out of entrepreneurship opportunities to tend to their families —  because when they have to choose, they choose their loved ones almost every time. According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 56% of women with children under the age of 18 prefer to stay home.  This decision leaves women with less time to focus on their businesses and less room to take risks — both critical elements necessary for business success and growth.

With hundreds of groups offering programs to women, very few are designed to help women entrepreneurs remain close to their families. MORE is where working parents go to grow their businesses, alongside their families.





Running a business and raising a family are two of the hardest endeavors to take on in one lifetime.  Most support programs are designed to meet the needs of only one identity: an entrepreneur who needs support running a business, or a parent who needs support raising child(ren). Those tackling both are often left in isolation.

MORE was designed to help women with children successfully manage these two important aspects of their lives by treating them like the multi-dimensional humans they are. 

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MORE is a networking group for working professionals with caregiving responsibilities that provides access to a community, personalized resources and support  so working parents can thrive in both family and business responsibilities. We do so by

  • hosting family-friendly business and career development programs.

  • running  a series of family-friendly networking events called Milk. Beer. Wine. 

  • helping universities, companies and organizations build family-friendly business conferences, work spaces and environments. 

Our future plans include 

  • building a family-inclusive business ecosystem equipped with co-working w/childcare, work+life programs and other essentials

  • productizing the offering so all (or pieces) can be replicated across the country.


In 2016 and 2017, the MORE Retreat welcomed attendees from Utah, Tennessee, Ohio and Arizona, and featured business sessions on strategy and marketing as well as couples sessions on relationships and family goal setting. MORE also launched the Milk. Beer. Wine. networking series,  a weekly podcast and accomplished the following 

  • Featured in over 50 national publications in our first year including Forbes, Inc, American Express, Huffington Post and Thrive Global. 

  • Invited to join the YEC

  • Invited to be a contributor at American Express

  • Beat out over 800 companies to become a finalist in the Kauffman Foundation’s Inclusion Open grant, one of only 2-3 for-profits to make it to the final round.

  • Partnerships with Halle Heart Museum, Upwards Project, Postino’s Wine Cafe, College Nannies Sitters + Tutors. 

  • Highly engaged content, 40-50% open rates via email





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Blog posts, Four blog posts (syndicated) per month, Monthly newsletter, Social media content, Four life-hack downloadables , Annual white paper.


Helping working mothers transition back to work. 
Five shared offices. 30 floater seats in MORE Spaces co-working spaces. 30 spaces at MORE Moms group


Hosting family-friendly business events.
Four company-branded public events (Milk. Beer. Wine., date nights and more) per year. Six workshops/webinars per year. Discounted rates to all MORE events and services for employees


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Onboarding/new baby welcome packages, Press releases. Logo on MORE website as a supporting sponsor, MORE badge for website


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This was a fantastic discussion. Thank you for having such a candid conversation about the joys and struggles of fatherhood today!
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