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At Tote + Pears, we help you build and sell products and services to women — by identifying their needs, building solutions to meet those needs, and then bringing those solutions to market. We pay extra-special attention to women, applying an intersectional lens to everything we do, making adjustments along the way to stay ahead in the market.



No two women are the same. Our research team will help you identity exactly who your target audience is and what she cares about.


Product. Service. Brand. Go-to-market. We'll help you create a strategic plan that connects your goals, who you are and your capabilities.


Linking who you are to how others see you. We can help you create a brand and visual identity that resonates with women and the people they love. 


Product plans. Project plans. Marketing plans. We'll ensure that your strategic plans are converted to action and implemented on time and within budget.



Requirements gathering. Feature definition and backlog management to ensure that we're building the right things at the right times. 


UX/UI, product, experience, print and web are all part of her experience with your product and brand and are all key components of our offering.


Whether it's web or industrial, we have a series of partners that we can bring in (and manage) to develop innovative products.


We develop and lead female-focused and culturally connected campaigns that integrate seamlessly within her journey — whether that be online or in person.



We create content plans and help curate content that is designed to speak to women of multiple backgrounds and always through an intersectional lens.


From beginning to end, we help craft integrated experiences that ensure that every interaction a woman has with your brand is on point and on brand.


We keep a watchful eye on the market, your product backlog and your roadmap and are available to alert you of red flags or opportunities where you can stand out.


We provide one-on-one consulting to businesses, brands and marketers looking to tap into or do more with women and their families. 

After incorporating the team’s content and experiential elements into our marketing efforts, our customer engagement doubled. We had never considered connecting with our customers in such a meaningful and integrated way.
— Taylor Piazza, Marketing Manager
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Amber provided key insights about our audience (women of color in STEM) and how family affects their journey. Her team brought a multidimensional perspective to our conference that had not been previously considered.
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