Core Team

As you can see, we’re not like other agencies. We look different. We operate differently. We think differently. And that’s by design. 

Here's a glimpse into the T+P team.

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Amber anderson, Co-Founder + Head of strategy

Amber Anderson is the co-founder of T+P where she specializes in strategy, marketing, product and service development and management. Amber brings more than 13 years’ experience managing all areas of the product and service lifecycle. 


kai-saun anderson, co+founder + Head of Multi-media

Kai-Saun (aka Kai) Anderson is the co-founder of T+P where he specializes in multi-media production and photography. He's behind everything media related — from leading photo shoots to producing podcasts.

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stephanie conner, content

Stephanie has more than 15 years of professional content marketing and public relations experience. She specializes in strategic content solutions that combine intelligent copywriting, savvy marketing and compelling storytelling.

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christine carforo, creative

Christine is a designer, photographer, and lover of minimalism and Swiss design. A New York native, she’s had the luxury of creating brand experiences for some of the world’s top brands.


nikki carter, community

Nikki's a brand strategist and community manager. She specializes in ensuring that everything we build seamlessly integrates online, in-person and everywhere in between.