What we do

We connect companies to their most valuable customers — women.

Women make 85% of all consumer purchasing decisions. They buy for themselves, their children, friends, family and the men in their lives — making them your most valuable customers. Yet, up to 91% of women feel misunderstood by businesses and brands. And that’s why we’re here.

At Tote + Pears, we know that women are multidimensional. Each woman carries with her a different background and sees the world through a different lens. We help companies connect with women by designing products, services and brand experiences with her perspective in mind.


How we do it


A female-focus and an intersectional perspective

Women represent a wide spectrum of cultures, ages, races, and sexual orientations, and we all walk different paths. At Tote + Pears we bring a focused and fresh perspective to the table and keep it there.

We’re the agency with a female focus. Integrated by design.



100% laser-focused on women and the things that matter to them.


Cross functional

Strategy, creative, marketing and technology all on one team.


Tech Expertise

Deep roots in tech allow us to be creative in the way we connect.


Intersectional view

Our data-driven female journey map helps us respond to changes.


Here’s how we can help you

We design brand experiences that a woman can appreciate: content that answers her questions and addresses her concerns, products that fulfill a need, designs that catch her eye and marketing campaigns that meet women where they are.

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IDENTIFY your ideal customers

No two women are the same. Our team will help you identify exactly who your target audience is and what she cares about.


stay top of mind

We develop and lead female-focused and culturally connected campaigns that integrate seamlessly within her journey – whether that be online or in person.

Create a magnetic brand

Linking who you are to how others see you. We can help you create a brand and visual identity that resonates with women and the people they love.


think through the details

We provide one-on-one consulting to businesses and marketers looking to tap into or do more with women and their families.

build A product or service

Whether it’s web or industrial, we help your design and develop female-focused, inclusive and innovative products and services.