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With companies providing alcohol and celebrating team wins at happy hours, college rape survivors frequently find themselves hiding in plain sight. On this episode, Amber talks with Mary P. Koss, Ph.D., about the impact sexual assault and harassment have on women and what this perspective can offer business leaders, campaigns and policy-makers as we head back to school and work.

Black Lives Matter

In this episode, the founders of Tote + Pears, Amber and Kai-Saun Anderson discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, systematic racism and what businesses and brands can do to navigate these heavy conversations with your team and customers.

Labor Day

After the premature birth of her son, Amber struggled to come to terms with the aftermath of her time in the NICU. She turned to books to help and stumbled across Labor Day: True Birth Storie by Today's Best Women Writers. Sarah A. Strickley's essay stood out. On this episode of The Tote + Pears podcast, Amber speaks with Sarah about the moving story that inspired the piece.

Lifelong Republican

In part II of our series about women's political influence and power, we are exploring the other side of the aisle, Republican women, with Lisa Song Sutton, a former beauty queen and successful entrepreneur, now running for Congress as a Republican.

Sickle Cell

While many parents focus on juggling work, family and many other personal obligations, some women spend all of their energy praying for another day of life. In this episode, Monique Fritz shares her story of caring for her son, Cameron, who was born with sickle cell anemia.

Progressive Politics

We're discussing women's political presence and power — from the female voters who influenced the 2016 presidential race, to the rise of a new women's movement and the issues facing women today with American blogger, writer, and CEO and founder of the digital agency, Do Big Things, Cheryl Contee.

Girl Power

On this episode, Amber sits down with Jess Weiss, Strategy Manager at Google and Co-founder of Trix Magazine, to explore the psychology behind popular terms like #girlboss, and the layers of culture and identity that characterize the next generation of female leaders.

American + Latina

Amber sits down with Melissa Rodr'guez, founder of Social Media Relations, a social media and digital advertising agency based in Los Angeles, California that helps businesses connect more meaningfully with the dominant Latina market. Melissa reflects on her experiences, views and values as a second-generation Latina, growing up in the U.S.

Back to School

On this episode, Amber explored the emotional landscape of mothers sending their children off to school with mom and educational researcher, Ashley May. The two discussed the feelings of both loss and pride that can be hard to place and the evolving definition of the role of Mom.

Afro Latina

In the U.S., many people do not recognize the diverse and varied experiences of Latinx women — from stereotypes, colorism and a blended American identity to the cultural traditions and unique indigenous/diasporic histories each Latinx woman navigates. On this episode, Amber sits down with journalist and founder of the popular site, Ain't I Latina?, Janel Martinez, to talk about how the layers of heritage and culture shape Latinx women's identities.


ADHD is commonly associated with children and men yet over 6 million women in the U.S. have been diagnosed with ADHD and it’s estimated that 4 million more live undiagnosed.

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