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After delivering their son prematurely, Amber and Kai-Saun found themselves facing challenges they never imagined.

They were managing childcare, in and out of doctors' offices and navigating a school system that isn’t designed for every child.
When everything changed, they saw the world — and people’s experiences — differently. And that’s how Tote + Pears got its start.

Making good things happen, together

Our team of researchers, designers, strategists, marketers and engineers from all over the world, with our own layers and perspective, comes together to solve challenges and create opportunities.
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When your work is personal, it becomes your motivation.

To us, success isn’t defined by the location of our office or the number of awards we win, but rather by our ability to listen, learn and connect. Our values are:
  • Care deeply.
  • Be a good person.
  • Do what you say you will do, and do it well.
  • Treat people how you want to be treated.

Only love and gratitude to the Tote + Pears team. It's been an amazing journey working together, really understanding our brand and our needs to include more women in tech. Focusing on a powerful message and inspiring insights about the industry and women's needs in the industry, you helped us build an amazing brand awareness campaign.

Agustina Gimenez, Senior Global Marketing Manager

We had already conducted extensive research on our audience, but working with T+P allowed us to delve deeper into multiple personas that we hadn't previously explored. They challenged us to think about how we wanted to present ourselves instead of how others expected us to. This was especially crucial given that our identity in the market could make or break us.

Dionne Gumbs, Founder and CEO of GenEqty

Tote and Pears has been an invaluable partner to Trix Media for two years offering the perfect balance of encouragement and candid insights, anticipating our every need during the consulting process, making it easy and straightforward to provide input, reflect on their recommendations, and take action on their tool kit.

Jess Weiss, Founder and CEO of Trix Media

Connections that matter

Our mission is to make sure your audience gets exactly what they need, right when they need it, in a way that feels real and true to them.

We dive into the nitty-gritty of what people want and need, so you can meet them right there — no matter where they are. We’re about creating connections that matter, making sure your brand's voice is heard, and your audience feels seen.