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Diversity & Inclusion

It's a fact: diverse teams build more profitable products. During this episode, Amber chats with Willie Henry, Sr. Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager at Facebook, to discuss why companies (large and small) need to make it a priority.


Amber sits down with Jan Tate, a psychotherapist who specializes in providing support for people who identify beyond the gender binary to discuss the challenges and experiences of non-binary/gender non-conforming individuals.


A few months ago, Amber met Shelby and the two began talking about what life is like through a non-binary lens. Amber was so moved by her story that she invited Shelby to join her on The Tote + Pears Podcast. Listen in as the two continue their conversation about life through a non-binary lens.

Women's Influence

Amber and Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and former COO of BlogHer, have a conversation about women consumers: our values, power and influence.


Amber and Jen Heazlewood, Creative Director and Head of Experience Design at R/GA London, talk about eliminating unconscious biases in our products, services and designs.


When she asked her teenage daughter how school was going, Dr. Kim Scott didn't expect to hear: 'I'd be fine as long as I render myself invisible.' In this episode, Amber sits down with Dr. Scott to discuss the erasure of women of color in public spaces and what she's doing to fix it.

Aging Parents

When it comes to caring for aging parents, women — daughters, especially — are twice as likely as men to take on the responsibility (both physically/emotionally and financially). In this episode, Amber sits down with the Executive Director of Family Caregiver Alliance, Kathleen Kelly, to talk about the role and life of a female caregiver.

Having it All

For the woman who will never have a tidy, peaceful life — there is still happiness — as long as she asks herself the right questions. On this episode, professor and author, Marie Myung-Ok Lee, redefines what it means to 'have it all.'

Views on Feminism

Women of color have a complex relationship with feminism — understanding how their multiple identities intersect increases a brand's ability to connect with them. On this episode, Amber brings together three women of color to explore what happens when gender, race and culture collide — and why brands/marketers should care.

Unchecked Biases

With advancements in the everyday use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, researchers are finding that troubling human biases are now making their way into our tech products, as well. Amber Anderson talks with scholar and best-selling author, Safiya Umoja Noble, Ph.D., about the consequences of unchecked biases in tech.

Beyond Gender

Amber and T+P's lead content strategist, Stephanie Conner, discuss how a woman's identity is more than her gender — and how that can (and should) affect the approach brands take to create their personas, products, services and campaigns.

Childless Women

Meghan Daum, an award-winning writer, joins Amber to discuss her journey and the value of understanding non-mothers.

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