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In part II of our series about women's political influence and power, we are exploring the other side of the aisle, Republican women, with Lisa Song Sutton, a former beauty queen and successful entrepreneur, now running for Congress as a Republican.
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Politics was never part of the plan: Lisa grew up in a military family with Republican core values, including pride in country, a strong sense of duty and responsibility, and fiscal conservatism. As a small business owner, she is pro-business: advocating for low taxes and less government regulation. After doing some research, she saw a void in representative leadership and decided to run for congress for her district.

Miss Nevada United States: In 2014 Lisa became the first Asian-American to win the title Miss Nevada. She went on to participate in countless community appearances, working to help people and give back in a meaningful way.

A fresh perspective: Lisa believes it is important to focus on the economy: from regulations to national debt, she says there are few voices talking about getting spending under control. As an entrepreneur in a business-friendly state like Nevada, Lisa sees first-hand the benefits of low regulations and no state or corporate tax. She believes elected officials should carry more real world experience in relation to running a small business: like what it's like to jump through regulatory hoops and how to address the rising cost of healthcare. She believes it is important to have a small business perspective in government, where these decisions and laws are being made.

Thoughts on the current administration: Amber cites that 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election and Lisa is not surprised by the stat. She reflects on the silent majority that supports the president –– people who may not be participating in rallies but still hold strong opinions on issues like unemployment and vote accordingly. She believes that most people are reasonable and that it is our unique experiences that shift our perspectives.  

Reaching across the aisle: When asked about partisan politics, Lisa shares that in the noise and polarization of mainstream media, people forget that there is a gradient in political ideology. She emphasizes that people can fall anywhere along a broad spectrum. At the intersection of political beliefs, career, and age, Lisa describes herself as a fiscal conservative who is also in touch with the needs of the community and sensitive to today’s pressing social issues. She supports human rights and considers herself a women’s advocate.

A fresh face for the Republican Party: Lisa may not `look” like a traditional Republican candidate but that hasn’t stopped her. She believes it’s one of her strengths. She voices the experiences and values across a diverse spectrum: as an Asian American, the daughter of an immigrant and a veteran, a female in the GOP and a small business owner. She’s excited about the future, recognizing that candidates and elected officials need to be (and will become) more representative: women, minorities, business owners and young people should be on the ballot.

Parting words: Pick a party and run. Please consider getting involved in public office. Get involved and engaged in your community.

Lisa Song Sutton

Lisa Song Sutton is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, outspoken advocate for women, and Miss Nevada United States 2014. She is also a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, representing a new generation of female leaders utilizing first-hand experience from the business world to bring community engagement and responsible leadership to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Lisa earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and her Juris Doctor degree from University of Miami School of Law. Lisa started her business career by working in a top Las Vegas law firm, specializing in business litigation. She then went on to create companies of her own. Lisa started her first business, Sin City Cupcakes, nearly 8 years ago, and today it is an iconic Las Vegas treat that delights tens of thousands of locals and visitors each year. Lisa is also co-founder of Ship Las Vegas, Elite Homes - Christie’s International Real Estate, and Liquid & Lace swimwear.

Find more information about Lisa at lisasongsutton.com


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