Saying Goodbye

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On the latest episode of The Tote + Pears Podcast, Amber chats with Susan Ryan, Senior Director at The Green House Project, about nursing homes, the concerns many have with putting a loved one in a facility and what it was like for families across the country who had to say goodbye remotely.
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Susan Ryan

As Senior Director of The Green House Project, Susan Ryan is a leader in the strategic development of innovative thinking and cultural paradigm shifts. With international speaking and project management experience, she has served and an integral part of the Green House team for over 12 years, and has led the team through key transitions, and the quest to grow with integrity. Susan offers a unique combination of skills in nursing, gerontology, Alzheimer's and dementia and leadership development. She has a background in nursing, with over 30 years of experience serving elders.

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Amber Anderson is the co-founder of T+P where she specializes in strategy, marketing and product management.

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