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when work meets life

Working mothers make up 70% of the female workforce in the U.S., and 1 out of 5 have suffered from a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder.

Talented women are a critical part of your workforce, and they usually have more than work on their minds — which can make recruiting and retaining them difficult. Is there more you can do to support them? Yes.


of working mothers, are the primary breadwinners for their family.


of highly qualified women with kids are leaving or cutting back to be home.

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of single-parent families in the U.S. are headed by single mothers.


where work meets life

We help you recruit and retain women by making it easier for them to manage their work and family responsibilities. 

Tote + Pears understands the importance of seeing what matters to the women in your workforce — whether she's a new mother or the mother of an independent teen, we offer a set of curated packages that help her manage her work and family responsibilities.


Curated Content

Curating content just for her.
Curated content for you to include in a company newsletter, blog or resource site that helps her navigate life as a working mother.

Coworking Spaces

Helping working mothers transition back to work. 
A family-inclusive coworking space with onsite childcare designed to help new mothers manage work-life after pregnancy. 

Family-Friendly Events

Hosting family-friendly business events.
Family-inclusive company events designed to help mothers with young children stay connected without leaving their families behind. 

Customized Packages 

Customized packages that create meaningful connections.
Packages welcoming a new baby to the family, access to on-demand childcare, MORE and family-friendly events and membership perks. 


Working parents trying desperately to fulfill their work and family lives simultaneously is an important issue that isn’t being solved anywhere else.
— Jenny Poon, CO+HOOTS


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