Since 2021, we have been working closely with Shipt's People and Culture team to curate a culture of belonging by celebrating their employees’ differences.

In the wake of a global pandemic and amid significant societal shifts—such as the Great Resignation, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, challenges to women's rights and the increasing calls (and recalls) for diversity, equity and inclusion—it has been a period of transformation.
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Our response was the “Same but Different” campaign, which celebrated Shipt's employees’ common ground despite their differences.

We created a six-week campaign that put the Shipt team on a journey of discovery to capture everyday tasks performed in various places in different ways and share them with one another.

Happy Birthday
¡Feliz cumpleaños!

Experiencing life through the eyes of others enhances our understanding of our collective humanity and allows us to celebrate our diverse backgrounds.

In this interactive campaign, we encouraged Shipt team members and partners to share glimpses into their lives by submitting photos and videos of their daily routines from their unique vantage points. This initiative enabled everyone to appreciate the distinctiveness of their colleagues while finding unity in the shared experience of being human, creating an enriching mosaic of Shipt's diverse community.

We provided prompts for employees, partners and community friends to jump-start meaningful conversations.

Employees connected digitally via Slack, social and Shipt’s intranet.

Animated prompts

Prompt of the day

We also developed a social strategy for sharing externally to help maximize the campaign and its assets.

We also developed a social strategy for sharing externally to help maximize the campaign and its assets.

To bring the journey full circle, we crafted the Shipt 2023 Culture Report, showcasing the team's accomplishments throughout the year.

The team at Tote + Pears has been such creative and thoughtful partners as we created our first two annual DEI reports. And I use the word "partners" intentionally as our working relationship has always been less agency/client and more like we're all on the same team working toward the same creative goal.

Senior Manager, Content Strategy & Storytelling (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging), Shipt

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