For 25 years Dr. Kimberly Scott and her team have been studying girls of color in STEM education, converting those findings into industry insights. Sharing them across disciplines was our job.

Despite the fact that women of color are projected to become the majority of women in the United States by 2060, they are still significantly underrepresented in STEM careers — which are the jobs of the future.
Fixing this gap will require a collective effort from educators, policy makers, industry executives, leaders and the girls’ parents, many of whom are unaware that there is even a problem. This is where Dr. Scott and her team at the Center of Gender Equity in Science and Technology (CGEST) come in. They need to get their research into the hands of today's leaders so that they can start addressing the labor shortage challenges they will face in the future.
  • Market Research
  • Audience Insights
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Positioning and Messaging

Crossing over industries

We created a brand campaign that spoke to the needs of multiple stakeholders, focusing first on the market and how CGEST was different from others in the space.

CompuGirls is a program under CGEST that already had significant brand recognition among the team’s stakeholders, so we leveraged the brand by creating a content marketing campaign aimed at disseminating their latest findings.

Market research and campaign strategy

From there, we built a messaging framework, converting 10 years of academic research into industry insights that were relevant to each stakeholder and created a content plan, editorial calendar and sample copy as the team’s guide.

Positioning and messaging framework

Content plan

Tote + Pears provided key insights about our audience (women of color in STEM) and how family affects their journey. Her team brought a multi-dimensional perspective to our conference that had not been previously considered.

Dr. Kimberly Scott, Founder and Executive Director of CGEST at Arizona State University

Marketing plan

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